YH-808C Infrared Pet Dryer (Silver/Pink)
Product Model:YH-808C (Silver/Pink)
  • Timer and temperature are freely adjustable.
  • With the revolving and sucking movement of whirling air , it can fully dry the pet’s hair roots.
  • Timer control
  • Temperature control
  • Blow speed control
  • Infrared control
Item No YH-808C
Watt 1100W
INPUT 110V;120V; 220V;240V / 50~60Hz
Timer Control 0~30Min
Wind speed control With 3-step the wind switch.(HI,MED andLO)
Infrared ray control  (ON,OFF)
Packing 70*70*70cm 
N.W.:15.0Kgs /G.W.:18.0Kgs