SF-8801L LED Light Facial Beauty Instruments
Product Model:SF-8801L
  • LED Light facial beauty instrument with the principle of dynamic light, active deep cells, skin metabolism, after light is absorbed by the skin
  • Red:wavelength 630 nm, Facial wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, increase cell activity, and promote collagen, having narrow pores firming, anti-aging antioxidant effect
  • Blue:wavelength 470 nm, efficacy has sedative anti-inflammatory antibacterial, repair skinwithout scarring and pigment
  • Green:wavelength of 520 nm, balance and stability purposes, to reduce skin oil secretion, balance water and oil ratio, effectively relieve stress.
Item No SF-8801L
Input 100V~240/50~60Hz
Watt 22W

Power:5 level choose