SF-3003A Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
Product Model:SF-3003A
  • Deep cleaning method: Easy removal of aged surface skin. Clear and smooth skin surface. Emulsify and wash away the filth in your pores. Ultrasonic wave motion turns the cleaning liquid into vapor.
  • Leading in method: Firm and flexible skin surface. Ultrasonic wave motion turns the nutritional lotion into vapor to reach deep into the skin. Ultrasonic active pulse motion revitalizes the skin.
Item No SF-3003A
INPUT 100V~240V / 50-60Hz
Specification Pulse or Continue
12VDC, 0.7A
Output Adjustable(Low, Med, Hi)
15MIN Timer Control
Loud Bi-Bi Tone
Packing 44*31*21.5cm
N.W.:3.0 Kgs/G.W.:3.5Kgs